The Drexelbrook USonic is an affordable two wire device for non-contact level measurement of liquids and slurries for level, distance, volume and open channel flow.  The Usonic level transmitter is offered with a two wire 4-20 mA, Hart output signal and is suitable for all Class I Div. 1, Zone 0, I.S. or XP locations.













The Drexelbrook USonic-R multi functional level measurement system can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from simple indication of level to more demanding two channel inputs such as differential level and submerged flow.  The USonic-R offers Modbus output signal with internal characterizations for Level, Distance and Volume. It also features a wall mounted controller suitable for all Class I Div. 2, Zone 0 locations, with sensors I.S. for Class I Div. 1 locations.








EASYTrek liquid 

The Nivelco EasyTREK and EchoTREK are high performance level transmitters that are IP68 rated and have their transducer and processing electronics incorporated in one single housing.  Available with measurement ranges up to 82 ft, these units provide a wide application possibilities. These cost effective, compact units are great for liquid applications in waste water and OEM applications. Available in both 2-wire and 4-wire configurations with on board relays for control.





The Nivelco 4-wire EasyTREK and EchoTREK compact ultrasonic level transmitters are offered for solids level monitoring applications. NIVELCO’s high efficiency SenSonic narrow beam angle transducers make it possible overcome filling noise, dusting, and irregular surface formations.  A best in class solution for bulk solids with capability to measure up to 200ft!






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