The Drexelbrook Level Mate III is a complete easy-to-use, intrinsically safe level system. Due to a wide variety of accessories and its customized meter the Level Mate III is the most versatile level measurement system on the market.  It comes with a rugged steel sensor housing for environmental protection and a series of perforations in the bottom protects the sensing port from clogging or damage.  Setting up the Level Mater III level system is simple. Calibration is quick and easy.


The Drexelbrook Model 675 is a two wire submersible level transmitter specifically designed for slurry and highly viscous applications where clogging of the sensor area is common.system is simple.  To prevent unwanted clogging of the sensing area it uses a 3.5” flush diaphragm. The non-fouling diaphragm and cage assembly are specially designed to eliminate unwanted buildup of debris, fats, oils, greases, and other bio-solids by eliminating any potential gaps on the measurement area. 


The NIVOPRESS N submersible level transmitters are designed to measure the level of clean, corrosive, or contaminated liquids. The pressure sensor at the bottom of the probe measures the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid column above it and compares with atmospheric pressure.  Ease of installation combined with no calibration makes this technology the perfect choice for low maintenance water well and wastewater measurements.


The Klay Instruments “2000-Hydrobar” is a complete range of microprocessor based submersible level transmitters for top mounting, with a local display and adjustment by three push buttons. The display can indicate a number of chosen engineering units and also displays process temperatures. Full tank linearization capability is standard on these units.


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