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Keep your equipment operating at extremely low temperatures with INTERTEC's insulated and heated enclosures

Thermal efficiency is a paramount consideration when choosing enclosures to protect outdoor instrumentation and control equipment in extremely cold locations. INTERTEC can provide optimal enclosure solutions to protect equipment even in extremely low temperatures.

Compared with metal, the very high thermal resistance and insulation levels of INTERTEC's composite GRP construction materials means that housings can be configured to cope with temperature extremes. GRP also remains stable down to -100o C/-148? F, i.e. the shape or dimensions hardly change even at these extremely cold temperatures, which means that no gaps occur in doors or lids. The structural integrity of other materials can withstand these cryogenic temperatures only to a limited extent. And GRP is highly resistant to the corrosive effects of sulphur from oil or gas media, and chlorine in seawater.

Heating enclosures is a further challenge. INTERTEC simplifies the design of enclosure solutions by verifying the performance of its explosion-proof heaters and controllers up to an ambient temperature of -60o C, in addition to certifying them based on global standards. We provide enclosures fitted with optimal heating solutions for your specific application.

If your plant equipment faces harsh winter conditions, see this article from Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation magazine.

Learn more about shelters in extreme climates:

custom cabinets & shelters

INTERTEC protective cabinets and shelters are built using a modular system of wall elements, doors, floor and roof elements. The sandwich components made of polyester composites and polyurethane foam core combine strength and rigidity with above-average protection and are able to withstand any extreme climatic conditions.

ENclosure heaters 

INTERTEC offers the world's largest selection of explosion-proof heaters, certified for almost all regions of the world: ATEX, IECEx, CSA, EACEx. The solution to a heating task is the interplay of thermal insulation, mounting position, heater type and the control devices or temperature switches. And the heating tasks have very different requirements. Only the wide spectrum makes it possible to configure the perfect solution with the optimum heat transfer, the best mounting, etc.

Safety showers

Today, INTERTEC launches a range of enclosed emergency safety showers for use in harsh outdoor environments. The emergency safety showers (ESSs) are integrated into shelters made from advanced composite GRP materials to optimize them for durability and long life.


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