Suitable for applications requiring high-density measurement points, the YTA70P is designed to be fitted on a DIN rail mounting in a field junction box. The YTA70P is an analog temperature transmitter that outputs a simple 4 to 20 mA analog output and a HART® 7 digital output.





The 4116 is a universal transmitter that provides loop isolation, signal conversion, loop power supply, and a pair of relay outputs for alarming.  Can accept a variety of inputs from TC, RTD, mV, and mA and provide mA and V outputs.  Conveniently programmed via a front back lit LCD display.


The YTA70 delivers all the benefits found in the YTA50 while adding HART digital protocol communication. The HART protocol allows you to conveniently configure the transmitter using the latest FDT/DTM technology.


Industrial thermocouples and RTD assemblies for just about any application.  Wide range of mounting options and thermowells are available from multiple partner companies. Give us a call to discuss your application and we will provide you with a perfect solution.


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