Extend Gas detector calibrations to 24 months!

Thu November 19, 2020

Are you tired of calibrating your  H2S or CO gas sensors every 3-6 months? What if it was possible to extend calibration intervals to 24 months, freeing up valuable resources to be used elsewhere (not to mention the amount saved on calibration gas). That reality is here with MSA’s XCell TruCal Diffusion Supervision Sensors.

These patented sensors will do the hard work for you. TruCal sensors check the sensor’s integrity 4x/day and auto-corrects for drift. Diffusion supervision adds another element by warning if the sensor inlet becomes blocked. These combined features allow us to confidently extend the calibration period from 18 to 24 months. Please note, this extension is only available on TruCal sensors with Diffusion Supervision.

The Ultima® X5000 and General Monitors S5000 manuals, literature, and webpages have been updated to reference the 24-month interval. Look for more information on this differentiating technology in the coming months.

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