Controlling the flow of surfactant in syrup streams.

Wed June 9, 2021

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Application: Controlling the flow of surfactant in syrup streams.
Surfactant dosing helps extract corn oil, which is the most expensive/profitable product (per pound) that the plant produces. If too little surfactant is dosed, corn oil is left behind in the syrup and efficiency/profitability decrease. If too much surfactant is dosed, chemicals are wasted and efficiency/profitability decreases. Getting the correct flow rate is crucial!

Many Ethanol production processes still use a manual draw down method to check or change surfactant flow rate. It's a manual process that involves filling a graduated cylinder with surfactant, then letting the pump draw from the cylinder while recording time. From there they would calculate the dosing rate. This is a very time intensive process and does not give much control of flow rates. 

JMI’s solution was to use The Rotomass Prime from Yokogawa’s Rotomass Total Insight multi-Tier series of Coriolis Flow Meters. The Rotomass Prime is a flexible and cost effective solution for highly accurate flow and density measurements. With advanced density calibration and process insight alarms, accurate and reliable mass flow readings are a guarantee. 


After 3 months of successful runtime this is what our customer had to say...

"We have seen significant process improvements since the unit was installed. The Rotomass coriolis meter has allowed us to control the surfactant flow to a degree we have never been able to in the past.  This has led to significant savings on the chemical as well as enhanced ability to set up alarms to determine when our pumps are having problems.

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