Is your CIP system costing you money?

Mon February 15, 2021

Conductivity Analyzers that save you money.

Why Baumer for your CIP process?

  • Reduce CIP operation costs: Efficient chemical utilization leads to greater productivity
  • Food Safety: Optimize cleaning process control and process safety with smart sensors
  • Support from an experienced partner: Local stock and technical expertise to help you start saving
  • Simplify CIP System: Easy sensor configuration and a variety of process connection

Conductivity Analyzer image
The CombiLyz® is a conductivity transmitter used to analyze and differentiate liquid media. It provides either the direct measured conductivity or the calculated concentration value. Additionally the measured temperature is also available as output. Due to its hygienic and robust design it meets the highest industrial standards. For all CIP systems, the key component to minimize costs, waste, and water usage is the conductivity meter.

JMI TV episode: Baumer Analytical
What conductivity product has the fastest thermal response time on the market, has IO link, 3A, and all the approvals that you might need for the Food and Beverage and Chemical industries? Watch this episode of JMI TV where we talk with Kyle Lake from Baumer about the CombLyz all in one conductivity measurement system and how it can improve your CIP system.

----Baumer JMITV.jpg

Do not waste anything...How sensors help the food industry save water and costs.
Intelligent technology is where we can help manage these challenges, especially when it comes to optimizing efficiency and resource utilization.

Read this Technical Report on how sensors help the food industry save water and costs:
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CIP Conductivity Meter Saves $500,000 For busy Food and Beverage Processing Plant
A well-designed CIP program minimizes downtime, improves safety and product quality, and imposes the lowest impact possible on the environment by minimizing waste.

Read about how Baumer’s high sensitivity CombiLyz conductivity sensor is designed specifically for CIP systems used in food and beverage processing.  

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Baumer conductivity sensor helps save 100,000 liters of water daily.
Read this Technical report on how this dairy manufacturer launched an optimization process for its CIP procedure to lower the consumption of water and cleaning agents

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Want to know your cost savings? Download the Baumer Savings calculator.



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