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Mon December 7, 2020

FAST and easy level detection without setup


The new CleverLevel PL20 level switches do not require configuration for your point level application!

The new generation of Industry 4.0 level switches automatically adapt their frequency sweep technology to reliably detect ANY media it sees. This saves setup time while ensuring high process safety. Regardless of liquids, oils, sticky, or granular pastes – the CleverLevel PL20 recognizes them reliably.


The clever alternative to vibrating forks

With the latest generation of the CleverLevel level switches, Baumer offers an excellent solution for applications in the process industry, from media detection in pipes to reliable overfill protection of tanks or leakage detection. The CleverLevel PL20 is the universal level switch for all media. In case of adhesive materials, the CleverLevel continues to automatically adjust the switching level without the need for any configuration. With its compact design and very short immersion length compared to a vibrating fork, the sensor is very flexible to install, minimally invasive in the process, and easy to clean.


Level of what?

With the different trigger modes available, you can now detect the high or low level of product, foam, and separation layer of liquids with a single switch.  Thanks to an optional 4 .. 20 mA analog output signal, this technology can also differentiate the media in the process so you can tell if a tank contains product or cleaning solution. The IO-link interface supports both continuous communication for control and simple commissioning of the sensor.


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