butterfly VALVES

JFlow Controls is a proud manufacturer of butterfly valves, including high performance, resilient seated, triple-offset and cryogenic.


JFlow Controls offers a comprehensive range of ball valves that control flow direction and support a diverse range of system requirements. Our valves are both reliable and economical when it comes to service and are available in various configurations and options. 

Automated ball valve packages are also available on most of our products. Our experienced technical sales staff will help you choose the right valve and actuator for your applications. We offer both standard and customized automated valve packages to suit virtually any application.

Control VALVES

JFlow Controls offers a full range of control valves including globe single seated top guide valves, globe 3-way mixing, heavy duty cage balanced, direct mount segmented V, three piece and flanged control valves.

Specialty VALVES

JFlow Controls offers a selection of niche specialty valves including check, choke, gate, globe and plug valves.

Check valves are commonly referred to as “one way valves” or “non return valves” as it only allows the flow of fluids in one direction. Choke valves are a type of control valve mostly used in oil and gas production wells to control the flow of well fluids being produced. A gate valve controls the media’s flow by lifting the gate (open) and lowering the gate (closed). Gate valves can be used for regulating flow or pressure as well as complete shutoff of flow. Plug valves are used to provide bubble-tight shutoff in fluid services like air, gas, vapor, hydrocarbon and more.


JFlow Controls offers a wide range of rack & pinion pneumatic actuators and electric actuators which can be accessorized to accomplish virtually any control requirement. Our extensive inventory and engineering capabilities allows us to respond to your requirements quickly.


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